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Come Show with Us!

Why we show

Horse showing is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. It is an opportunity for riders to test what they have practiced in their lessons and demonstrate it for their teammates, trainer, friends, and family.


Our riders have said that one horse show is the equivalent of several weeks of lessons: the expectation of completing a few consecutive courses of jumps or dressage tests while also watching other riders, some more and some less capable, do the same provides unparalleled space for quickly learning.


It is a great way to hone sportsmanship and for riders to build confidence in themselves and their abilities. In addition, riders will bond with their  horse and barnmates and meet other members of the equestrian community.

2021 Show Schedule

IVEC travels primarily to hunter/jumper shows, as well as occasional dressage shows, events, and the annual New England Hunter Trials. With local and nationally recognized shows on the calendar, we have a show suitable for every level of rider. In order to show with us, you must own your own horse or be in a lease. If you are interested in beginning your show career, discuss your options with Kate!

  • April 17th - Hudson Valley Showjumping Spring Classic at Crosswinds Equestrian Center; Lagrangeville, NY

  • May 29-30th - Heart's Delight Spring Premier Open Horse Show at the Clinton County Fairgrounds; Plattsburgh, NY

  • June 29th-July 3rd - Lake Placid Horse Show; Lake Placid, NY

  • July 6-11th - I Love New York Horse Show; Lake Placid, NY

  • October 24 - New England Hunter Trials; Dover, MA

More to come!

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Come Foxhunt with Us!

We also participate in drag foxhunting with the Green Mountain Hounds in central Vermont. Foxhunting is a fantastic way to see beautiful countryside, meet other horse people, and improve riding skills over varied terrain. In drag hunts, hounds chase scent laid by human foxes and riders on horseback follow the hounds. The Green Mountain Hounds hunt twice a week in June and August - December. Contact us if you are interested in coming out foxhunting! Click here for more information about the Green Mountain Hounds. 

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